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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  July 17, 2013 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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good evening, i'm dan ashley. family of toddler missing from oakland held a vigil tonight as the search for the 21 month old girl. daphne's mother and father were at the prayer vigil she
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was missing record by father. she sat in a parked car with 87-year-old mother. this little girl. while he ran into the grocery store she was gone. family members haven't seen daphne since june 27th. klass foundation has been working with them. we have link on our website at click on see it on tv. >> dan: woman who found a 16-month old boy abandoned in vallejo says she'll take custody of the child if authorities allow it. cameron johnson of ukiah discovered the baby alone and screaming on saturday. video shows a woman wheeling the child into the bathroom and then leaving without him. the mother has been identified as 21-year-old joy
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hucking. nick smith spoke with her on monday and pleaded not guilty on multiple felonies. oakland police chief met with business owners frustrated over the vandalism that has battered the city district. police are asking anyone who may have taken video like this to turn it in so they can identify and from the vandals. mark matthews has details on the chief's meeting with business owners today. >> reporter: the meeting in the chamber of commerce office was closed to reporters. they said they wanted members to be able to speak freely. but there is no doubt they did. >> people that commit these crimes, graffiti, breaking windows, they need to be held accountable. >> the merchants are frustrated.
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>> alameda county district attorney says the police need to step up. >> i think they are overwhelmed, that is why we're having the meeting. >> a little more than an hour after it begin, chief emerged and head to a private debrief with the mayor and both emerged they will take what they call the necessary steps. >> on the wave of the higher number of police officers out we are more successful at preventing violent crimes and vandalism from occurring. that is what we do going forward. >> the chief says another large protest is planned for this saturday night. the mayor says the city will be prepared. >> we will work with the chief on give him all the city council passed the budget. we're going to have more officers. >> the chief at thed he will be cancelling days off for his officers so enough of them will be on the streets to closely monitor the marchers saturday and sunday
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and monday protests saw dozens of store windows smashed and bart car damaged. >> today the co-owner of the restaurant said a waiter will be back on the job tomorrow. she would not comment on the meeting but the response from the community has been great. a lot of people already watching the police response at that scheduled response at that protest this weekend. >> dan: members of marin african-american community are calling for attorney general pamela harris to investigate a police shooting that left a man injured. it happened on july 7th. 44-year-old grove his car in a deputy. the officer fired ten times at the driver. you see the bullet holes in the car. deputy was hit in the head by rocks thrown by bystanders. relations between police and african-american community certainly are strained in marin city.
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>> we have the opportunity to do some things while he is recovering. >> he is being held in jail on parole violation but not charged. they are investigating the shooting but friends of grayson that is conflict of interest because the deputy's wife works for novato police. novato police would only say the case is under investigation. >> scary moments in sacramento where the monorail ride was evacuated. fire officials say it suddenly lost power with 20 passengers on board. fire crews were able to use a lifted to bring them all down safely. so far there have been no reports of any injuries or medical emergencies. everyone is okay. fair officials are looking now into how the power got cut off in the first place. >> family and friends honored one of the young victims of asiana flight 214 during a
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memorial service. one died at san francisco general hospital after suffering very serious injuries in the crash on july 6th. today's prayer service took place at buddhist temple in the sunset district. >> it's hard to accept the fact they need a lot spiritual comfort. i think all the things is really helping. >> cameras were not allowed in the service. she is one of three teenage girls that died in the crash. meantime, the pilots of that flight have been hospitalized in south korea for psychological trauma and injuries caused in the crash. officials say the four pilots were hospitalized after getting medical examinations when they returned home last weekend. the pilots were questioned by a u.s. and south korean jointed investigation team while here in the bay area.
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a separate questioning session with south korean officials is also likely to be held sometime this week. the port of oakland is open after a day long closure to mourn the death of a co-worker. they refused to work this day following the death of joy can yells. it has angered a lot of people and put the port way behind in operations. >> reporter: as evidenced by this truck driver, not much moved today in the port of oakland shut down by the union local 10. 24-hour standdown comes after the death afternoon of one of their own joy daniels who had a medical issue while driving a tractor. she died later at a local hospital. >> we shut down for 24 hours to investigate the accident to also mourn or losses. we lost a great union woman,
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joy daniels. >> its longstanding tribute to longshoremen to take 24 hours off after someone dies on the job. 45-year-old died after seizure, natural causes that were unrelated to her work at the ported. >> it's a matter of waiting. >> los angeles based driver wonders if the day long shut down is appropriate in this case leaving hundreds of truckers stuck on the street losing thousands of dollars in income. >> it's a touchy subject for something like that. in my opinion, it's a little bit extreme. you know, maybe a couple of hours or so on the shift. >> they are losing money. customers are pissed off because they are not getting their cargo. on top of that, some of the steamship lines, ocean carriers are charging penalties for everything that sits outside. >> they said it would open a gated early at 5:00 p.m. all those truck drivers who
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have been waiting to drop their containers. >> dan: coming up here next. growing threat in southern california. racing flames heading towards home. a look at the situation as a wildfire gains dangerous ground. investigators tonight think they have solved the mystery of what sparked the fire at iconic business in the north bay. spencer christian is here with the weather. >> all things are going to get toasty in
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>> a massive fire fighting effort is under way in riverside county. 300 to 400 homes are evacuation. the fire is around palm springs and hemet. 14 square miles. here is a look at the flames tonight. more than 22,000 have the fire about 10% contained so a lot of work still to do. news reporter has the latest.
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gray black smoke comes over the community. the fire continue to burn at a ferocious pace score. more than 14,000 acres. >> we have had fires but nothing like this. >> more than 2,000 firefighters be are on the ground in a pitch battle to get a line around the blaze. by air, there is an all-out assault. both water dropping helicopters and the dc-10 tried to get the destructive fire under control. already it has destroyed seven homes. >> the community of buena vista remain under evacuation order. at this home, all that remains is a collapsed skeleton, entire property is in ruins. residents in the evacuation zone are still not being
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allowed into their homes for v good reason. the ground is still smoldering. you can feel the radiant heat. >> they get in an unburned section of the fire and we could have something rekind. >> will a real possibility that has residents concerned. at a command setup they come to learn the latest on the fire. so far, the news hasn't been good. >> it's nerve-racking -- i don't live so close but friends and family they may need to evacuate. everybody is on alerted. >> it's been a tough go for firefighters that are dealing with heavy brush, tough terrain and lighted winds. the winds could push the flames into homes. >> dan: meantime, firefighters are praising a united parcel service driver for trying to warn residents about a fast-moving fire in
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east palo alto. sky7hd was overhead where the flames broke out on georgetown street. ups driver suffered smoke inhalation after noticing the fire. no one was home at the time but the flames gutted much of the house in the backyard. pretty bad damage. backyard shed was hurt. investigates are looking into what exactly caused that fire. a transient faces charges tonight in connection with this fire that destroyed a landmark business in sebastopol over the weekend. it shows him starting the fire in some hay bales outside a feed store on saturday. 53 steven edmunds was taken into custody and being held on a million dollars bail. let's turn to the weather forecast. summer is back it sounds like. >> looks like it's going to stay a while this time. here is a look at live doppler 7hd.
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we have the usual summer pattern, we got low clouds and fog at the coast pushing out over the bay and inland but mainly clear in most inland locations at the moment. different picture earlier this morning. we had lots of low patchy fog. widespread in the inland areas and going back to the coastline and some areas away from the coast and into the evening hours. we had a warmup, warmup started 35-15 degrees warmer than yesterday. it will be warmer in the days to come. right now, live view at the golden gate bridge, 56 in san francisco. 60 in oakland. 62, mountain view and san jose. 66 in santa cruz. live view of the bay bridge from southeast camera in downtown san francisco. other temperature readings, 59 degrees at santa rosa. 60 at napa. 66 in fairfield. 65 in livermore. live slew from rooftop camera looking along the embarcadero. forecast features are these,
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warmer conditions in all areas tomorrow. mid-90s in fact some inland areas. this warm pattern will be with us to the middle of next week and perhaps beyond. satellite image showing cool air that brought us the lower than average temperatures the last couple of days. that is moving out amounts we look at the wider expansion, big hot air mass over the east and midwest. that will dissipate over the next couple days but another hot air mass is going to develop over the western states and spread westward and out to the coastguard. that will contribute to are big and sustained warm up. many locations in the inland west including interior sections of california will have high temperatures into the hundreds. up to 113 on saturday at redding. 109 in fresno. a mere 104 in palm springs. here in the bay area, it will
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be warm. patches of fog pushing inland and tomorrow highs in the south bay, mainly low to mid-80s up to about 83 at san jose. on the peninsula, 76 in san mateo. low to mid-60s on the coast at pacifica and half moon bay. downtown san francisco, a high of 68 tomorrow. 64 in the sunset district. north bay highs, 83 in santa rosa. 85 at napa. east bay highs, 74 in oakland, 79 in union city. 81 in fremont. inland east bay, highs in the low to mid-90s. 92 walnut creek. 95 in brentwood. here is the seven-day forecast. highs in the mid to upper 90s by saturday. up to 98 degrees. might as well call it hundred. it will feel like a hundred. mid-60s around the coast and gradual tapering off of temperatures.
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so the warjtdz is here for a while and it be had a great time to go to beach. coast will be nice and mild. >> dan: we'll bring a picnic. still to come at 9:00, can you get all the benefits of working out without doing the work. scientists believe they can make it happen. also love is in the air at san jose at least for a winged pest that could destroy crops. how attraction is at the
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book now at and carpe vacay. ♪ [ camera shutter clicks ] they are trying to eradicated a pest if it can't
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becad rated quickly. it's the guava fruit fly. david louie is in the hot zone. >> they have hit the streets doing targeted spraying to i will kill off the guava fruit fly. the substance has a fair amount of chemicals and attracts male fruit flies and contains a pesticide. >> they will have a theramone in it and they will consume some of the material -- pheramone and die. >> it's the size of the house fly. it's believed it came in eggs brought in guava and not accepted through routine agricultural inspections.
9:24 pm
it's an area about 17 square miles will be targeted for spraying east and south of downtown. >> yeah, i would consider it very safe. >> jeffrey is a professor at san jose state. he isn't worried about the use of pesticide. >> the insecticide breaks down very quickly. so if it hits the skin or mixed up essentially the sub straight and allow flies to land on it and die. >> they worry the fruit fly will infest citrus and other fruit. >> we have fruits in our backyards. we take fruit off the tree and open it up you find maggots. >> oranges and peaches and cherries are all possible food for the fruit fly. they hope it will kip off the
9:25 pm
flying in few months. >> a pill that holds the benefits of exercise sounds too good to be true. it's closer to becoming a reality. mice injected weigh a new compound lost weight on a high fat diet and improved cholesterol levels. they used more oxygen throughout the day and therefore extending about 5 percent more energy than untreated mice. essentially it seems that this drug has given them a workout minus the effort. exercise in new york mayor michael bloomberg, after trying to get people to stop smoking he is now working on them to move more. various steps to promote a concept called active design. to make stairways and sidewalks more inviting. rolling stone magazine
9:26 pm
has a storied history of creating rock stars with the cover of their magazine. take a look at this. the current issue has launched a firestorm. how they are justifying the decision to put this man on the cover. and controversial decision for a muslim student. why there was such an out cry to do it. sudden surge of crime in one of bay area's best known tourist areas and what of
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two major retail stores say they will not carry the rolling stone magazine with
9:30 pm
dzhokar tsarnaev on the cover. that is igniting outrage in boston and other places. >> rolling stone cover featuring dzhokar tsarnaev with his eyes and unruly mane is being greeted in boston with a hot blast of anger. >> why do they put an alleged bomber -- like he is a rock star. >> puting this guy on the cover. what he wants is fame. >> this is rock's most coveted cover. ♪ ♪ >> memorialized by the band by dr. hook and famous enough to go by one name, elvis, madonna, bono, john and yoko. >> ♪ on the cover of the rolling stone ♪ >> and now a 19-year-old terrorist.
9:31 pm
the man looming near martin richard and the brothers who each lost a leg. >> why would they publicize a guy who took lives? doesn't make sense to me. >> that echoed by friends police officer sean collier allegedly murdered by the brother tsarnaev. >> to treat them as celebrity, as star. >> tonight rolling stone is defending the cover saying the fact that dzhokar tsarnaev is young and in the same age group as our readers makes it all the more important for us to examine the complexities of this issue. article itself is a rather sober affair showing how he turned into a monster. you won't be able to buy it in cvs or walgreen's because they won't sell it. the survivors of the boston attack deserve rolling stone covers but i no longer feel that rolling stone deserves them.
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dan harris, abc news, new york. >> the ohio man accused of holding three women captive in his house for more than a decade was in court today. 53-year-old ariel castro pleaded not guilty to charges of kidnapping and rape in a 977-count indictment. the judge repeatedly told him to raise his head and keep his eyes open. the women disappeared between 2002 and 2004. >> senate reached an agreement to lower interest rates to student loans. first of the month they doubled to 8.89%. new agreement ties rates on new loans to ten-year treasury notes. senators have been trying to get an agreement without raising the deficit. white house wants to reach an agreement by the all recess and fall semester when students return to class. >> one day before janet napolitano is scheduled to become the first woman to leave the university system, regents first appointed the
9:33 pm
muslim american. decision is controversial especially those in jewish community. >> she sat quietly in the chair as others talked about her. >> her actions have polarized thousands in the campus community and beyond. >> a woman of reasonableness and open-mindedness. >> she made headlines because she will be the first practicing muslim to serve in the u.c. system. she is controversial because of the issues she has supported prior to that appointment. she has called on c to boycott companies affiliated with the israeli military or israeli settlements on the west bank. u.c. rejentd richard blum says she he could not vote for her. >> but countries that have human rights issues that we ought to not trade with, you
9:34 pm
probably got hundred countries that are worse than israel. >> blum is married to u.s. senator diane feinstein promised to work with her. >> i have my own personal opinions about that situation but it has nothing to do with my work. >> what worries some is the divisiveness her actions have created. in march she supported a resolution condemning a so-called islamic hate speech delivered at santa cruz. they said it went beyond the definition of free expression. the committee that selected her is compromised of four regents and two of them are jewish. >> they would not have selected her if we thought she was anti-semitic. >> she announced she will focus on issues that concern all students. >> one the things united
9:35 pm
around because that most effective leadership. >> she looks forward to working closely with incoming u.c. president janet napolitano who is expected to be confirmed tomorrow. lyanne melendez, "abc 7 news." >> two different juries will reveal verdz in two men facing gang rape charges. both men attacked a girl outside a homecong dances in 2009. one of them reached a decision in the case against 22-year-old jose montano and they announced a verdict yesterday in the trial of 20-year-old marcellus peter but it was sealed so both verdicts could be read and should be revealed tomorrow. >> "abc 7 news" has learned there has been a rash of robberies and cellphone thefts in fishermen's wharf areas. tourists don't know what they are getting into when they come to town. vic lee has started to.
9:36 pm
>> police say cellphone thefts have reached epidemic proportions. most are snatched from the hands of distracted pedestrians but the thieves are getting bolder. now they have more to be scared of. thieves are adding a new twist to that old adage, dine and dash. they are targeting diners eating outside at restaurants. >> people have sat on a table and they will come and grab your cellphone if it is laying on the table or holding on to your cellphone and you are not paying attention. >> the thieves are becoming so brazen they are snatching tip jars. latest business hit was tarantino's restaurant. they travel in groups three or four. the captain says most of those arrested are as young as 15. >> recently they are out of school and nothing to do in the summer. they are just taking their chances. >> we saw a whole lot of
9:37 pm
potential victims as we strolled along the wharf. diners placing their electronics on the table as they ate. diane did the same thing with her cellphone. >> we were visiting and laughing, i set it down and just like that. >> it's from a small wisconsin down zbloun if it happened in our town we recognize them. >> and police are advising residents to warn patrons if they she the electronic items on table tops. elizabeth kennedy who is in charge of security at fish shack, that is exactly what their staff is doing. >> we try to advise. >> the officers have made 13 arrests so far this month. as you just heard him, almost all of them are juveniles. they are back out on the streets in no time at all committing the same crime.
9:38 pm
>> dan: watch out. >> still ahead from homeless to entrepreneur. meet a bay area man who turned his life around and helping others get back on their feet. and catholic church, how going on
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>> dan: economy is recovering, there is little consolation for anyone that is looking for a job. it's tough for a lot of people. jonathan bloom has the story tonight of a man who came back from the brink of despair by creating his own job and now helping others to to do the same. >> tech shop they use new
9:42 pm
tools and learn new skills. he is making logos. outside you find a man sleeping on the pavement next to a shopping carted. these two have something in common. >> rob was an out of work software developer whose life had gone in a tail spin. >> i was completely out of money. >> he heard two shelter mates talking about tech shop. one brought back a flyer for it. >> it was the exact amount of money i had on me. i bought a would monday mo membership and rest is pretty much history. >> he found out he has a knack for laser cutting. he started making parts for other people's projects. now, he has own laser cutter and does small scale manufacturing. >> i have done pretty well. >> but he didn't want to stop there. back when he was on general assistance he would pass by this lot once a week and this would be a great place to
9:43 pm
start something. >> one of the things i noticed more than anything, was abundance of potential. >> he set out to create the learning shelter. >> all resources to live plus all the resources that a person would need to learn, a tech shop and homeless shelter merged. >> he has other entreprenrs on board like luke who never knew mark was homeless until his story was on venture beat. as the an interview that almost didn't happen. >> i never thought ways going to tell anybody about that. coming out of it, i realized if i kept eight secret i wasn't going to be able to help people. >> dan: the vatican is offering catholics pardons for sins if they follow pope francis on twitter. church is offering what they call indulgences to pope's tweet. catholics believe they will
9:44 pm
have to spend in pergatory and be on solved their sins. to carry out certain tasks. people who follow the events of catholic world youth day on television and social media including the pope's tweet can get an indulgence. >> i love for you to follow me at dan ashley at abc7 but i can't come close to that. queen elizabeth is getting impatient as she awaits the birth of her great-grandchild. [ laughter ] >> the queen told a british school girl she hopes it happens soon. they are expecting their first child any day now. that baby will be third in line to the british throne. queen is headed to annual holiday in scotland. >> supporters of southern cooking queen paula deen are
9:45 pm
getting wrapped up in a campaign to support her. they are mailing empty butter wrappers a wall marts that have dumped deen after she admitted using a racial slur in the past. movement has a slogan, a corporation without paula deen is like a butter wrap where without butter. supporters don't like she is being portrayed in the media and she should be forgiven for the mistake. a lady run-in with a robber proves she has a lot of guts. >> 96-year-old woman recounts her sweet offer and how her
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don't panic. tens of thousands are signs fiction and comic book fans are gathering in san diego for the annual convention. there has been pre-convention events and star wars charity race called course for the force. that started at sky walker ranch. 100,000 people are expected to attend the conference hue jackson and pat oswald and author neil gamon. >> 96-year-old woman with nerves of steel took matters in her own hands when a would-be robber showed up. she has owned and operated her store in tiny marshfield, wisconsin for a long time. a man walked in with a knife
9:50 pm
and demand he hand over the cash. >> i said you can have all the toosie rolls you want but you are not opening my cash register. >> she stood her ground. as she stared him down he flashed the knife with the three inch blade. she did not hesitated. if he did not leave she would press the button and help would be there in seconds. he noticed the security camera and took off. police say while they don't recommend what she did they are happy she wasn't hurt. so are we. tough lady. let's go back. update the forecast. >> take the toosie rolls and flee. [ laughter ] >> here is a time lapse and rub of low clouds in for the coast screaming across the bay. that is coming our way for tonight. here is a live doppler 7hd.
9:51 pm
it hasn't moved far inland yet. it is pushing through the golden gate and out over the bay. tomorrow, we're going to have another warm day statewide, not just here in the bay area. highs in the interior sections above hundred degrees. fresno, 102. palm springs, 112 and even hotter on friday and saturday. here is the bay area, it will be day two of our big warmup. inland highs moving into the mid-90s in places like fairfield and antioch tomorrow. upper 70s and low 80s around the bay and mid-60s around the coast. seven-day forecast, it gets warmer and warmer through saturday with inland highs in saturday upper 90s. mid to upper 80s around the bay and mid to upper 60s around the coast. warmth stays through tapers off a few degrees, 90s all the way through wednesday of next week. this is quite an extended warm spell. larry beil is here. kind of fun night in sports. >> no games but we have
9:52 pm
awards. that was fun. colin
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coming up at 11:00, you heard about the woman who left her baby in the bathroom. you will hear the woman that found the child and incredible offer. an person that was hit by a hammer. those stories coming up over on channel 7. larry is here. big nights in sports. >> voted for honor, trophies given out. >> niners colin kaepernick, celebrating the best athletics. >> this year superbowl was football the way it used to be played without electricity. >> there is kap as he arrived
9:56 pm
in red shirt and blue pants, patriotic. he run the break through athlete of the year award. nice look. peterson comeback player beating out buster posey. three awards for lebron james and good morning america's robin ash gave are a sure ash award. >> a's can open up the gates earlier. this is for friday home games. fans will be able to enter the stadium at 4:30 in the afternoon. they launch baseball all over the yard. next home game july 26 against the angels. giants buster the
9:57 pm
national mvp. he is not the only posey, the next one is his younger brother jess. more on the family tree. >> buster posey, number 16. >> he always been rookie of the year, lead mvp and has two world series rings. there is another one coming down the pipeline. little brother jess was starter freshman at georgia. >> to play at that level. there is a lot of people that would love to do that. so to embrace the opportunity and have as much fun as we getting he will take as much help he can from big brother. >> he is in the majors. he does give me advice. >> school came first in the household but jess has fond
9:58 pm
memories with buster in the backyard. >> really i have my birthday playing ball in the yard and playing all day until we couldn't play anymore. that is always remember about our childhood. >> we know buster is a nice guy but also a big brother. >> i was living at my buddies house and i take a big bite out of it and got in trouble for that one. you don't make that mistake again. >> who is the best athlete? >> my dad would probably say himself. then as far as kids go, say my sister. she won state championship. we always said she is most athletic in the family. >> this is competitive family but any yes, he could drop
9:59 pm
his trophy on the kitchen table. >> we like to joke around the end dast day we supported each other. >> the accomplishments he made. >> and had a role model that grew up right in your own household. >> and consider two world series titled, and here is one thing we've never seen happen to buster. look out jeff. >> i try to do as much as i can. he knows.... [ laughter ] >> they got him good. his teammates grilling him with the a's. that is their signature walk-off win celebration. pie in the face. >> that is this edition here. for all of us, i'm dan ashley. thanks for watching. thanks for watching. "abc 7 news" continues now on
10:00 pm
dennis: so what do you guys wanna do today? we could sing a song. dee: we just ate. we're drinking. hey, you know what? mac's coming over here pretty soon... mac's always got something. he'll have a plan. and he'll get us into something good. he comes in with something. he comes in hot.


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